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  Last update: 3 July 2020



A short introductory meeting is generally the best way to assess
your requirements. On this basis a project proposal will be drafted
with a preliminary programme and budget. Tailor-made courses
provide optimal results in small groups of 4 to 8 participants.
To make the course most effective and best suited to your needs
intake questionnaires will be provided. Upon completion of the
forms by potential participants (reflecting their individual
preferences and language experience) these will be used to
finalise the project proposal.



Depending on your choice and needs AC&C will try to accommodate:

  • Your own combination of subjects and topics to be addressed

  • Your preferences regarding place, time and duration

Evidently, the number of contact hours depends both on the
entrance level and on the desired end level.

In consultation with yourself an interactive programme can be
designed and adapted to guarantee a fully customised course in
accordance with your wishes. In consultation with AC&C set dates
can be changed later if called for by unforeseen circumstances.
In addition, during the course there will be enough flexibility to deal
with “unplanned” topics that come up at a later stage.



During the course progress is monitored by short evaluations,
providing the participants with more insight into their progress.
During the final meeting participants are asked to complete an
evaluation form. Subsequently, a course evaluation takes place with
the commissioning party to see to what extent the targets were met
and whether a follow-up may be advisable.


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