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  Last update: 3 July 2020

Dutch for expats

Would you like your staff to communicate in Dutch like a native?
And what about you?

Mountain Range or Polder Model?

The cultural problems that foreigners are faced with when trying to
communicate in Dutch are generally greater than they anticipate.
Adapting to the flat Dutch pronunciation and vocabulary requires
them to “level their mountain range”, strongly reducing the use of
“extreme” nouns and adjectives (example). Evidently, expats
experience very much the same problem as Dutch natives trying
to speak English, but in reverse.


Courses geared to your needs

AC&C develops tailor-made Dutch courses at all levels from
kindergarten to academic. A wide variety of forms and frequencies
can be catered for. The underlying philosophy is analogous to
English courses: Mountain Range versus Polder Model. The Dutch
language is difficult to grasp for many foreigners, largely due to
differences between the Dutch and their own cultural backgrounds.
Raising awareness of cultural canyons is therefore important.
AC&C has extensive experience teaching Dutch to professionals,
university staff, students, and children.


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