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  Last update: 3 July 2020

Course examples

General concepts

AC&C develops English courses at all levels from kindergarten to
academic. A wide variety of forms and frequencies can be catered for.
For example, interactive lectures on Language Acquisition can be
provided as an introduction, and workshops on specific topics can be
arranged on request.

All courses aim to reach a proficiency level adequate for most purposes,
including business and study. Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing
skills can be integrated according to your wishes. The ability to use
English effectively and perform confidently in professional and social
situations requires extensive practice. Key concepts are a modular
design and small groups, facilitating direct feedback.


Academic English

Academic English may include aspects such as: presenting in English, giving lectures at conferences, writing articles, scientific English, close reading, advanced grammar, academic vocabulary, frequent word combinations (collocations).

Combined courses can be adapted to research staff, teaching staff, students, or a combination. An example: The Icing on the Cake.


Business English

Business English may comprise one or more of the following modular
aspects: business presentation, internal communication, telephoning,
email, letters, reports, chairing meetings, taking minutes.

Combined courses can be adapted to research staff, business staff,
administrative staff, or a combination. For an example, see BBC - Better Business Communication.


Common and specific English

The starting point may be a basic course to freshen up your English,
tailored to your needs and boosting your confidence. Improving your
command of idioms, expressions and grammar are indispensable
common elements.

Vocabulary can be improved in general and by including key language,
specific for certain fields of endeavour, such as Finance, Law,
Medicine, IT, Engineering, Marketing, the Media, Job-hunting, Tourism.
Each course can cover a range of topics and the associated lingo
(Cambridge University Press).


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