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  Last update: 3 July 2020

About AC&C

Aiking Communication & Consultancy (AC&C)

AC&C was founded by Drs Marijke Aiking in 1998. She studied English language and literature at Indiana University in the USA and in 1987 she completed her degree at the University of Amsterdam.
In 1988, she was sworn in as an interpreter and translator. Wbtv registration number: 4283 (Wet bedigde tolken en vertalers).

In 1990, she published a paper on Second Language Acquisition
(Aiking, James & Meijs) in Review of Applied Linguistics ITL, 
Vol. 87-88, pp. 65-93. In 1999-2000, she completed postgraduate
courses Medical English Translation at Utrecht University.
In 2007, she was an IELTS examiner.



AC&C developed English courses for numerous Companies,
Language centres, Universities, Secondary and Primary schools.
Lectures and workshops on second language acquisition and
communication skills were presented at the request of the
Netherlands Society of Interpreters and Translators (2004)
and the Postgraduate School Molecular Medicine of the Erasmus
University Rotterdam (2007).



AC&C tutored numerous students of Dutch from Businesses,
Universities, Secondary and Primary schools. Among them were a
class of American students at Indiana University in Bloomington,
USA and expats living in the Netherlands.



AC&C develops and teaches courses for beginners and advanced
learners. Courses can combine modules on written and spoken
English, academic, business, conversation, phoning, email.
Each course is tailor-made and designed to meet your demands.
Working towards an internationally recognised certificate is an
option (see Proficiency levels).



AC&Cs motto is Do not hesitate, but communicate.


Table tennis

Marijke is a dynamic table tennis coach.


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